Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Katy Perry

Final version of my Katy Perry Poster. Enjoy

Fix Final: Big Ben & Taylor Swift

Here is my fixed final project. Enjoy!

'A Short Love Story' + Japanese architecture + iPhone =

Here's my lovely poster design. I kept it clean, like Apple would, & simple!
Would love feedback, seeing as this is the first time you all are seeing this.

Just a few touch ups.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Polaroid vII

This is the next and final version of my poster. Went in and added a real polaroid and a bit of a shadow behind it. I'm pretty pleased with this, hope you all like it :)

Golden Gate + House of Small Cubes: Final

The final poster design + video.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hot N' Cold

Anybody out there?

It's coming along. I have finished the cake and have now started to work on the font for Katy Perry. Lots of paper and cutting; fun stuff!

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will this work, Jay?

Here is the final!

Father and Daugher and Space Needle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Frosting the Cake

Here is an update on my project. I want the cake to have some textures and patterns reminiscent of an actually wedding cake but, to be obviously made out of paper. Slow and steady.

Tomorrow Land, Buzz Lightyear, and Lady Gaga Video

Double click on video to see the full fantastic landscape version on youtube!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jade Gelskey: Joshua Stocker, Sistine Chapel

Jade Gelskey
Here is the posted final design as well as the final video+design.

War Photography - iPhone

This is what I have...


So, this is a post by Joe not Ham. I never got hooked up with the blog apparently.

I have the Katy Perry music video "Hot N Cold" along with the Sydney Australia Opera House.

My idea is to make a paper cake. The top of the cake will be exploding with content and info for Katy Perry's upcoming event put on by the iPhone. The background will probably be a stage reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House's stage which is where I will have the iPhone chilin.

I obviouslly have along ways to go but, the idea is the hard part eh? I know there is not much to look at but any input would be great.

Daft Punk & Eiffel Tower

Hey there so this is my final poster (with the movie in it) design. I still feel that there are things that I need to work on but was kinda struggling with this project so hopefully you all can give me some advice. Thanks for your critique and I hope you enjoy.

The War + Falling Water Final

My sketches, moodboard, and concept are all on my first post -

Here is the final set design and photo, as well as the online ad with video.

My first post of my room :)

For some reason the color seems to be off. It is like the contrast is way up or something like that and so I am going to try and do it in keynote to see if I can get a better result.
P.S. If you watch the video make sure you watch it in 720. P.S.S Also watch it in full screen too! :)

Here is my new video with better color correction.

hooray for video!

Take 2

This is take two of my poster. I remade the picture frames to give them more of a dimension and worked with the lighting to match the video (House of Small Cubes). I used the style of art deco and colors based on the Golden Gate Bridge, along with the symmetry of the structure.

Chris Brown - Forever

Video with poster. The end.


So my building is the Taj Mahal and the video is Tir Nan Og. I think that it is obvious the elements that I used from the Taj I used the lattice work from windows, all of the arches also came from doorways or windows from the Taj. For Tir Nan Og or (Tir) I mostly tried to get the feel of the mood to flow into the image. I did this by adding the colors from the video to the pillows and other objects inside the room. I have thought about adding more furniture, but when I think of the Taj I also think of space. Let me know what you think.


My concept was to create a "living space" in Notre Dame, which suddenly comes to life with Wonderland-type things. I created a forest inside, and it almost becomes the Queen of Heart's Castle.

I wanted to stick with an enchanted, creepy style, and so I kept it pretty plain on top of everything elsel that was going on.


Here is my progression. I started making a 3D model, but realized I was spending just as much time in photoshop as I would be constructing this all in photoshop. I'm using hand-drawn elements from my video 'A Short Love Story'. Also, I took it a new direction after viewing an artist Jay recommended I look at. I want it to be on a white background & have shadows to ground everything, as well as a very short depth of field. So everything that is further most back in the composition will be out of focus. Also, I'm still considering the story book idea by making my set look like a pop-up book.

I figured it was best to post something today than nothing :)

Jolly Good Time with Taylor Swift

My concept was to combine Big Ben/Parliament with Taylor Swift's video, "You Belong to Me." The video focuses on hand written messages in marker. That is what I thought could help tie the two together by using that element in my design. This is currently what I have. I would like some feedback before I make the final touches to it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This is the finished version of my poster, that mixes Sia's Breathe Me, and the Empire State Building. I'm pretty happy with how the set turned out. After adding all the polaroid pictures that are screenshots of the music video, I liked it a lot more. I feel it added a lot to it and created a sort of chaos in such an organized straight cut room. I think I would have liked a different pattern for the floor the polaroid is set on, but it was the highest rez picture I could find and the closest to the style I wanted.

Movie Test...

I spent the last couple days designing this poster as an example for you designers.
Here is a sample of how I want the videos displayed on the blog in the end inside your ad/poster design.

I will demo how to accomplish this in class.


Tomorrowland, Buzz, and Lady GaGa (FINAL)

The final below, I am really happy with. I have added a fun tag line for the ad. Overall I really enjoyed doing this for class. The ability to create any type of background for a project I am working on, was very liberating. I used my Photo Illustrated look I like to do so much.


So here it is. I didn't have time to redo any of it so if you have critique for the type that would be awesome. I think it combines the two "influences" alright. Anyways happy end of the semester.

final design

Here it is. My concepts are "Disney Concert Hall" and "Siemens PSYOP",
and once again, here are my moodboards.

Final Design: Jade Gelskey

Jade Gelskey
Here is my final design for the i-phone poster as well as my prelim sketches.

Architecture: Sistine Chapel
Video: Finding Myself- Short Film from Joshua Stocker

After working on it even more tonight and today: The final, final poster design.


my architecture is the luxor and my video is "the north wind blew south" which is basically a bunch of miniature stuff moving around. i'm hoping to have a waterfall coming out of the iphone...i just need to obtain the proper imagery. anyway, this is what i have so far.