Monday, April 19, 2010


This is the finished version of my poster, that mixes Sia's Breathe Me, and the Empire State Building. I'm pretty happy with how the set turned out. After adding all the polaroid pictures that are screenshots of the music video, I liked it a lot more. I feel it added a lot to it and created a sort of chaos in such an organized straight cut room. I think I would have liked a different pattern for the floor the polaroid is set on, but it was the highest rez picture I could find and the closest to the style I wanted.

Movie Test...

I spent the last couple days designing this poster as an example for you designers.
Here is a sample of how I want the videos displayed on the blog in the end inside your ad/poster design.

I will demo how to accomplish this in class.


Tomorrowland, Buzz, and Lady GaGa (FINAL)

The final below, I am really happy with. I have added a fun tag line for the ad. Overall I really enjoyed doing this for class. The ability to create any type of background for a project I am working on, was very liberating. I used my Photo Illustrated look I like to do so much.


So here it is. I didn't have time to redo any of it so if you have critique for the type that would be awesome. I think it combines the two "influences" alright. Anyways happy end of the semester.

final design

Here it is. My concepts are "Disney Concert Hall" and "Siemens PSYOP",
and once again, here are my moodboards.

Final Design: Jade Gelskey

Jade Gelskey
Here is my final design for the i-phone poster as well as my prelim sketches.

Architecture: Sistine Chapel
Video: Finding Myself- Short Film from Joshua Stocker

After working on it even more tonight and today: The final, final poster design.


my architecture is the luxor and my video is "the north wind blew south" which is basically a bunch of miniature stuff moving around. i'm hoping to have a waterfall coming out of the iphone...i just need to obtain the proper imagery. anyway, this is what i have so far.