Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The War + Falling Water / First Draft

My video is The War, a short film by Shilo, and my building is Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright.

In my sketchbook I researched both of the projects I was given for inspiration (sorry, the photo of the Falling Water page got corrupted, but I mainly referenced the link above). I also began composing the layout for my living room.

I took a rough photo of my model today and used it to produce a digital sketch of sorts. There are some things unfinished (mainly the window, which will be between the two grey lines you see on the back wall) but so far it has the overall texture and aesthetic I am looking for. All the photoshop work will be redone and much more refined after I get a more professional photo and am sure that the model is complete.

The apple logo will be "stitched" into the backs of one of the chairs. The ad copy will be in the same area, but I am not sure of the treatment yet. I've had a lot of questions about what the chairs are, so I am thinking of also adding a stylized silhouette of someone sitting in one (just their neck & head coming above the back a little bit) to make it more clear.

The layout of the living room was influenced by three things -
  • Falling Water and the way it intertwines with its surroundings - In the print ad, the video will be on a still shot from the video, for example: an orange sky with planes flying overhead, and this will then be continued/mimicked in the scene out the window behind the tv. So the clouds and the orange sky would be showing outside as well with maybe a plane in the distance.
  • The Japanese style of the interior of Falling Water - seen in the style of the living room, with the glowing lantern-like lamps hanging behind the tv, and some of the textures and colors
  • The main theme of The War: the "chains" of society, conformity, pop culture, all the things I wrote in my sketchbook up there. For example, this is why the chairs are stiff and high-backed and why the tv is hanging by chains.


  1. Its seems like you have thought out much of your design already. as much as i like them the chains they are a little disconnected to the rest of the design but it is a cool idea. I like the japanese influence but you talk about falling water and i when i look at this there is no indication that that would be any part of the concept. I'd like to see your ideas on how you could incorporate that. Some sort of "water" feature would be awesome!

  2. Sorry about the late post. I really like what you have so far, but I feel that the Fallingwater concept outweighs The War. It needs another element that hints The War to help create balance between the two. This will probably be hard considering that one idea is very chaotic and the other is about harmony. I think it would be cool to see barbed wire and rubble in this.