Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jolly Good Time with Taylor Swift

My concept was to combine Big Ben/Parliament with Taylor Swift's video, "You Belong to Me." The video focuses on hand written messages in marker. That is what I thought could help tie the two together by using that element in my design. This is currently what I have. I would like some feedback before I make the final touches to it.


  1. I really like where your design is headed. I think the colors and the marker look really good and fit with your style. I think if you hand wrote with marker the type in the top it might further make your idea more understandable to the viewer.

    Another thing I noticed was on the right side where the black meets your walls. There is a little white/gray line coming up from where the walls come together that you might want to erase out.

    Also you might try lightening up the other two purple windows on the left side to match the two bright ones in the middle. Just a thought.

    I think your two things were not super easy to meld together in a way that works and I think yours has achieved that very well.

    Great job!

  2. Dan, it is coming along well. I also think that if you were to hand write the content that it would tie everything together better.

    I think that there is a lot of black. I feel like if you could break up the empty space up top it would help it to feel more finished and help to polish it off.

    I really like your concept and think that it is working over all, it just needs some finishing touches here and there.