Thursday, April 15, 2010

Empire State + Breathe Me by SIA

Unfortunantly, I left my sketchbook with my mood board and sketches up north where I cut everything out. I will get it back either today or tomorrow, but until then, I can only show you some of the preliminary photos of my set. I decided to go with art deco made of wood to fit with the music video. I will be adding more painted designs and wallpaper to fit the dull old aged building feel.

The music video uses poleroid photos to express motion. The poster will be in the same kind of format with mini photos plastered over the walls and all over the ground of the set to match the video.

Daft Punk & Eiffel Tower!

OK so sorry this is a little late but I really wanted to get my concept down before I posted anything, even if the poster miniature wasn't completely done. Anyway the top ones are obviously my sketches and then the bottom is my poster. I wanted to do it like a double merging of Daft Punk and the Eiffel Tower (which were my themes) by not only taking the aesthetics of both these but I thought it would also be fun to do a poster for a Daft Punk concert at the Eiffel Tower. There are some things that I clearly need to work on like I am going to paint the couch so that look cohesive, I am also going to obviously get a real iPhone to take a good photo with and then there are going to be figurines of Daft Punk sitting in the couch. There may be a few more but I'll be working on those in specific. Anyway that is my idea and I hope you can give me some good feedback. Thanks!