Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My concept was to create a "living space" in Notre Dame, which suddenly comes to life with Wonderland-type things. I created a forest inside, and it almost becomes the Queen of Heart's Castle.

I wanted to stick with an enchanted, creepy style, and so I kept it pretty plain on top of everything elsel that was going on.


  1. Bree, this looks so much better. You have a really nice focus going on, and you definitely have the mood down without anything being really distracting. I love how the leaves closer to the "camera" are out of focus. It really brings out the depth of your piece. I would play around with the placement of the Droid logo though. Maybe if it was in the corner opposite of your slogan?

  2. the focus of this is much better. i do think the "droid by motorola" should be in the bottom right corner (like heather said) and if it's not visible when it's black, play around with the color. it looks much better