Monday, April 19, 2010

Final Design: Jade Gelskey

Jade Gelskey
Here is my final design for the i-phone poster as well as my prelim sketches.

Architecture: Sistine Chapel
Video: Finding Myself- Short Film from Joshua Stocker

After working on it even more tonight and today: The final, final poster design.


  1. Excellent, Jade! I love it! I like that you gave the "imagine" another depth to the poster. It really does help add to the idea that it's a real space.

  2. this looks awesome! i like the changes you made with the "imagine" and what you did with the tagline compared to the first time you posted. it looks really good :)

  3. The changes that you have made really helped to polish it off. I really think that your set is great.

    Well done!