Monday, April 19, 2010


my architecture is the luxor and my video is "the north wind blew south" which is basically a bunch of miniature stuff moving around. i'm hoping to have a waterfall coming out of the iphone...i just need to obtain the proper imagery. anyway, this is what i have so far.


  1. Hey Courtney,

    I am not in your group but since one of my groupies didnt post one up I figured why not post a response on yours.

    Overall I am really liking the way yours looks. The light is fantastic and I think you accomplished this part really well.

    I think the way you set up your scene is really interesting too. Its very odd in a good way. The one concern I have is with the floor. I feel like your piece is not grounded and feel a little floaty. If you were going for the floaty feel maybe just make it a little more convincing and exaggerated by lighting or dimension.

    The last concern is with the window on the left. I like how you did the window on the right and it feels more convincing then the one on the left. That feels a little like its just a poster on the wall. If this i what you are going for maybe make it a little more obvious.

    Overall though I really like it. Good job.

  2. haha thanks for pointing that out about the window! i had it like the one on the right but for some reason that layer was turned off... thanks for the feedback though! :)

  3. I really like your concept Courtney. I'm really feeling the mood of the whole piece. I agree with the floating couch; it feels like a bottomless pit is under it because of the lighting. If you work on that, and fix that layer that's missing it will feel a lot more complete. I would just add a catchphrase of some sort and the Apple logo to make it feel more like a complete campaign poster.