Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Father Daughter and the Space Needle

The two inspirations I have for this assignment are, the Space Needle, and the short film called Father and Daughter: short animationby Michael Dudok de Wit.

I want the furniture to reflect the Space needle and have everything feel very tall. I want to have an outdoor light source and long dark shadows. The rest of the room is a reflection of the film. These are my sketches and I will have more pics of the actual room coming soon...

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  1. Hey... so I think you are in my critique group, but even if youre not i'll comment just because I really like that short film animation...
    ... Anyway I think you have a really Great idea to really work with the elongated shadows and also creating a taller feel like the space needle. Just (especially with the shadows) really be careful to make sure that they look intentional and not that you just had a bad light source or something. I hope I can see more of your project soon! And again great ideas! Keep it up.