Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Design 2: Project 3 Jade Gelskey

Jade Gelskey

My assigned place was the Sistine Chapel

Finding Myself- Short Film from Joshua Stocker

Here are my sketches for this project:

Here is my mood board:

And here is my comp:

(Note: I noticed I misspelled quiet in the little blurb at the bottom once I uploaded. Oops :)

I wanted to keep a natural feel to my project reflecting what the videos theme is while still keeping a bit of what makes the Sistine chapel so special. The gold lighting felt very reflective of what the Sistine Chapel is about and the setup is definitely based on the architecture.

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  1. Jade, I like your concept. How did you get that gold lighting? that is awesome! What if you were to add some more colors in (I was thinking papal red, and something to complement that red)? That might help it look more "chapelly." I think also you could play with the window (maybe more stained glass?).

    I like what you've got. It's helped me think about things I could try with mine.