Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Siemens PSYOP" and "Disney Concert Hall"

This is what I have as of now. I forgot about the original proportions when I made this so it is cropped kind of weird. I wanted a clean look to this giving it that iPod feel, but I wonder if I need anything else.

Oh yeah, here are my moodboards.


  1. Hey Tyce I like where you are going with your concept. I like that you made everything white, can you say awesome? But because everything is monochromatic it draws the attention to the details. Make sure the craft is as clean as you can get it and that all the elements are recognizable. Instead of using color picture on the wall maybe a white frame? Might be more cohesive. What is your advertising angle? I like this a lot! peace!

  2. I like how abstract the elements are in the room, it really reflects the building and it kept me interested in the ad/photo for longer than just a glance. I agree with Laura, if you just polish up the craft this will be great.